Hope LifeMarks
How do you know you're growing in your walking with Jesus? By evaluating the degree to which your life is increasingly Jesus-centered. What does that look like? At Hope, we describe what we think are the three most important aspects of a life of walking in the Hope of Jesus: 
ELEVATION: Jesus-delivered Perspective 
We believe that when you come to walk in the Hope of Jesus, life is like the view from the top of a mountain: everything looks differently as Jesus changes your perspective of yourself, others, your world, and God.
Core Concepts: TRUST, THINK, ACT, AIM
CONNECTION: Jesus-centered Friendship
Life change happens best in circles, not rows. What we mean by that is that no matter how helpful a weekend worship gathering is, deep life change often happens best in the context of face to face relationships with others walking in the Hope of Jesus. Our dream is that over time, everyone involved with Hope would develop deep friendships with a few others to risk knowing and being known. We trust that God wants to bring deep restoration to our lives in this way.
EXPEDITION: Jesus-motivated Purpose
Walking in the Hope of Jesus involves being invited and called into an adventure of serving Jesus and people with everything we are. We love because we are loved.  There are unlimited physical and spiritual needs across the street and around the world - our passion is to follow Jesus in meeting the specific needs He calls us to as individuals and as a community.